If you're looking for supplies, but you don't have time to spend hours searching the Internet or hardware stores to figure out what is available, this page is the place for you. For most of the items that I recommend in South Bay Safety Guy's free talks or workshops, this page gives you the official name of the product, what it looks like, and a brief summary of the pros and cons.

The small thumbnail pictures are links. You can click on them to see larger, more detailed photos.

Prices and availability change so frequently that trying to make this page be a price-comparison service would be a hopeless task. Instead, most entries include a single link to where you can get the item (usually to, because everybody is familiar with them and they have a reputation for reliability) and an approximate price.

You have a few basic options for purchasing supplies:

Securing furniture

These products marketed specifically to secure furniture in an earthquake. Here are some points to remember:

Name Package Mounted Comments Where To Buy
Quake Hold!
Heavy Duty Steel Furniture Cable
Furniture cable package Furniture cable installed
  • Simple mechanism, easy to install.
  • Available with 4-inch or 7-inch cable.
  • Mounting requires screwing a bracket to the furniture.
  • Easy to move the furniture without tools by manipulating a single cap nut.
$6 from
Secure Quick
Safety Restraint System
Secure Quick restraint package Secure Quick restraint installed
  • Very strong. Does not rely on screws to attach to the furniture.
  • Mounting requires drilling two holes in the furniture.
  • Requires an Allen wrench to move the furniture.
  • Blog entry: Product Review: Secure Quick Furniture Straps.

2/$10 from

Earthquake Fastening System
Furniture Fastener
Safe-T-Proof fastener package Safe-T-Proof fastener installed
  • Good for appliances with metal surfaces.
  • Mounting uses adhesive instead of screws. Does not requires drilling holes in the furniture.
  • Easy to move the furniture using a buckle-like locking mechanism.
2/$11 from
Quake Hold!
Furniture Safety Straps
Quake Hold! furniture safety strap package Quake Hold! furniture safety strap installed
  • Mounting uses adhesive instead of screws. Does not requires drilling holes in the furniture.
  • Available in a few colors to make their appearance less obtrusive.
  • Easy to move the furniture using a detachable velcro fastener.
  • The velcro will weaken with repeated use.
2/$9 from

Hanging pictures and mirrors

These products are marketed specifically as earthquake-resistant picture hangers. You can also use these hangers for mirrors, so long as the weight ratings are not exceeded. Bear in mind the following points:

Name Package Mounted Max Weight Comments Where To Buy
Quake Hold!
A-Maze-ing Picture Hook
Quake Hold picture hook package Quake Hold picture hook installed 100 lbs
  • By far the strongest of the bunch.
  • Also the least secure — during violent motion in demonstrations, these sometimes lose their grip on the picture.
  • Can be secured with either nails or screws.
4/$7 from
Safe Hold
Picture Lok Security Picture Hangers
Safe Hold package Safe Hold installed 17 lbs
  • Plastic screw creates a closed hole, making it impossible for picture wire to escape.
  • Fairly easy to reach the screw from above with a normal screwdriver.
  • Can be secured with either nails or screws.
2/$10 from
Tremor Picture Hangers
Tremor packages Tremor installed 20, 30, or 75 lbs
  • Spring clip forms a closed hole, making it impossible for the picture wire to escape.
  • Small and inconspicuous (looks very similar to a normal picture hanger).
  • Awkward to release — needs one hand on a screwdriver and the other hand on the wire.
  • Can be secured with nails only.
7/$10 (only 7 in the package are earthquake-safe) from
Secure Quick
Artwork & Mirror Hangers
Secure Quick Art package Secure Quick Art installed 20 lbs
  • All metal, closed-loop makes it impossible for picture wire to escape.
  • Requires some manual dexterity to open and close screw-closure.
  • Can be secured with screws only.
2/$8 from

Securing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

The contents of your kitchen cabinets can become dangerous projectiles in an earthquake, and can cover your floor with shards of broken glass and ceramic. I have not yet found a "perfect" cabinet latch, but here are a couple that can reduce your risks. (I am continuing to look for a better solution.)

Name Package Parts Unlatched
Comments Where To Buy
Quake Hold!
Quake Hold! Secure-Latch package Quake Hold! Secure-Latch parts Quake Hold! Secure-Latch unlatched (inside) Quake Hold! Secure-Latch latched (outside)
  • Very secure when latched.
  • Inexpensive and strong.
  • Latches every time it closes, and is inconvenient to open.
  • Good for doors that are rarely used.
4/$5 from
Safe-T-Proof SeismoLatches package Safe-T-Proof SeismoLatches parts Safe-T-Proof SeismoLatches unlatched (inside) Safe-T-Proof SeismoLatches latched (outside)
  • Very secure once it latches.
  • Latches only when there is an earthquake.
  • Do not interfere with normal operation of the door.
  • Reliability in my testing was fair.
4/$11 from

General Emergency Preparedness Suppliers

These are all companies that I've used personally and have no complaints about.

Disclosure: I do earn a very small commission if you purchase something using the Amazon links on this page. It's not even enough to pay the hosting costs for this web page, but every little bit helps.