Welcome to the South Bay Safety Guy Blog

South Bay Safety Guy’s mission is to help families prepare for earthquakes. More specifically we’re here to help you set and achieve your personal preparedness goals, so that instead of worrying about what you know you should do but have never quite gotten around to, you can relax in the knowledge that you’ve done everything reasonable to keep your family safe.

Not sure where to begin? Overwhelmed by all the information available on the Internet? No problem, that’s exactly what this blog and its companion web site SouthBaySafetyGuy.com are here to help you with. Sure, they’re technically “commercial” because a company sponsors them, but we hope to share enough good information here that you’ll find these articles valuable regardless of whether you ever buy anything from us.

The first product we’re planning is a “Personal Workshop” (for families in the San Jose, CA area) where a workshop leader comes right to your home, walks you through the steps that will make you safer, and helps you choose any supplies you might need. If you hate shopping, we’ll even help you buy whatever is on your list. The goal of the workshop is to make everything as simple as possible so you can actually get it done. That’s just a beginning, though — because South Bay Safety Guy is a small project (currently one person part-time) the business model is flexible, and we’d love to hear from readers about what products (either services or “stuff”) you would find useful.

If you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to pay anyone to do anything for you, don’t worry: Our web content is free, and most of the information we offer will eventually show up on this blog. You’ll just have to be a little more patient and spend more time reading and forming your own goals. As a commercial enterprise we have to charge for our premium services to stay afloat, but keeping families safe is too important to reserve for those who are financially secure. This blog is our way of sharing with everyone else.

If you find the content here useful, please come back as we add new material, follow along (look for the RSS link on our home page), leave feedback, and ask questions. Future posts will provide tips and hints, analysis, product reviews, book reviews, progress reports about the business, event reports, and even questions for you when we don’t yet have the answers.

Finally, a note about the banner photo at the top of each page: If you recognize it as the area between San Jose and San Francisco, you can probably guess why I chose to highlight those particular geologic features on this site: That picturesque lake sits right on top of the San Andreas fault zone. Though serene and tranquil, the scene is meant to serve as a constant reminder to be prepared.