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Who is the "guy" in South Bay Safety Guy?

Portrait of a bald guy with a beard. Mike Kenniston has been interested in home and family safety for many years. I grew up in Massachusetts where a blizzard shut down the entire state for 3 days during my senior year in college, for over a decade I lived in Illinois where we had to drag the kids and the dogs down to the basement whenever the tornado sirens sounded, then in 2005 my whole family moved to San Jose to plant ourselves right in the heart of earthquake country. Over those years I've picked up a few tips and tricks as I've learned to continually improve my own family's preparedness, and now I'd like to share my experience, knowledge, and motivation with you.

Experience and Training

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In my "other life" I'm a husband, father, software engineer, and Stanford grad (Ph.D.), and a few years ago I took a break from industry to be a university professor for a while. (More details on my professional background are on LinkedIn.) Our family's interest in "living green" led us to rip out our front lawn to replace it with native plants, put solar panels on the roof of our house, and build the first permitted strawbale structure in San Jose.